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Residents rail against West Molesey councillor's application

by Laura Proto, Your Local Guardian.

An appeal has been lodged against the refusal of an application to build flats in West Molesey, causing concern for those opposed.

The application is for a three-storey block of flats, two two-bedroom and one one-bedroom, on the current garden plot at the back of McColls newsagents in Central Avenue.

No To Flats

Despite the recommendation to approve the proposal, it was refused by the north area planning sub-committee because it “would result in a cramped form of development, out of keeping with the design and character of the surrounding area”.

Residents have started a petition since the appeal was lodged, claiming “the application has been rejected twice by the council and has now gone to a third appeal”.

The agent in charge of the application is Councillor Ian T Donaldson, who is a member of the north area planning sub-committee and declared an interest and left meetings where the development was discussed.

Mark Richards, who lives in Upper Farm Road, said: “How can he be on any planning committee or be a councillor and remain impartial when he’s self-employed as an architect and owner of Ian T Donaldson Associates, which is the firm that wants to build at 1 Central Avenue and has at 4 Central Avenue.”

Objectors were concerned about the “already limited parking, threat to local shops and safe pavement and road access”.

They believe the application could endanger people, mainly children and the elderly.

Coun Donaldson said: “There is no reason for the objection from residents. You will find them same type of houses further along the road. The site was overgrown but my client cleared it up and someone has been using it as a dump.

“It will look nicer as flats than as it is at the moment.”

Coun Donaldson said a lot of “misinformation” had been put out by campaigners and said: “I am perfectly at liberty to put in an application as long as I disclose an interest, which I do.”

A spokesman for Elmbridge Council said: “This application (2012/2379) has only been presented to the north area sub-committee once, on November 5, 2012. It was refused at that committee and subsequently an appeal was lodged with the Planning Inspectorate.

“We can confirm that Coun Donaldson did express an interest and left the room during discussions about this particular application.”

A previous application by Coun Donaldson was approved for 4 Central Avenue, and residents of Upper Farm Road believed it was “sneaked through” under the community radar.

Residents claimed the plans were changed from being “purely storage use” to a residential “caretakers flat” and claimed up to eight people lived there. Coun Donaldson branded these claims “absolute nonsense”.

The appeal was lodged at the end of December and a response is expected within six weeks.

Molesey Library Author Event

The libraries next author's event will see Bill Nicholson the award-winning author, screenwriter and playwright coming to the library on 1st March, ask for more details.

1 Central Avenue, West Molesey

Most of you are hopefully now aware about an ongoing planning application that has been proposed for 1 Central Avenue in West Molesey. So sick of the arrogance shown by the parties involved and their refusal to understand that the current local population do not want this developement, they have now all bandied together. A real Dunkirk spirit is now in force with people who have barely acknowledged each other previously despite living on the same street for 10 years or more, coming together to demonstrate as one for the good of the community whilst upholding principals and the decency it expects from its elected officials.

A photoshoot will be taking place at Central Avenue/Upper Farm Road on Monday 14th January from 1.15pm. It would be fantastic if you are able to show your support or even just listen to these local residents/voters and pop along to hear and understand their concerns.

Conservative Councillors ignore meaningful objections and vote 'en bloc' to approve Piling at the Bridge

Elmbridge Council's Northern Area Planning Sub-Committee met last Wednesday to discharge one of the 56 Planning Conditions attached to the planned Gladedale development opposite Hampton Court Palace. Condition 13 was important as it concerned the 'Protection of a listed Building - Hampton Court Bridge'.

In order to protect the listed bridge from the impact of 5 months of Piling and the excavation of the 'Jolly Boatman' for the double-storey underground car park, EBC's Planning Condition required that express consent be given to allow Piling within an exclusion-zone of 30 metres from the Bridge.

The discussions lasted over an hour. The Committee was shown the clearest evidence that the listed building fell within the 30 metre exclusion-zone. Molesey's Ward Councillors also pointed out the poor state of the listed retaining wall and the threat of landslip from the close-proximity Piling, heavy Plant machinery and HGV traffic using the Access Road during the excavation and construction.

The meeting was informed that a comprehensive bridge inspection report, commissioned by Surrey County Council had begun in October and was still in progress. Even though the results of the Survey are incomplete and the 'baseline' results are yet to be published, Officers urged Councillors to proceed with discharging this Condition. Similarly in reference to the riverbank, the Environment Agency, naturally consulted on 'in-river' works was not consulted.

With so much in doubt and key issues fudged, it is disappointing for HCRC to report that some Councillors seemed completely satisfied.

The ten strong Committee was made up of five Conservatives and five Resident's Association Councillors. All of the Committee's Conservative Councillors, from Walton (Ambleside, North and South) and Hersham (North), confidently gave their approval to the Condition. The four Residents Assoc. Councillors voted against approval and the Chairman abstained.

The background to Elmbridge's Planning determination for the Hampton Court Station site is set by Government Planning Policy. It advises that sensitive, high-profile sites such as this one opposite Hampton Court Palace, should be afforded - 'special regard'. HCRC sat through Wednesday's NAPSC charade and listened to Elmbridge Planning Officers and Conservative Councillors deliver the absolute opposite.

The next NAPSC meeting is on the 7th January 2013 and in an effort to have all 56 Conditions approved by June 2013 (the expiry of the Application), eight more will be presented on that Agenda.

Despite the disappointing news, HCRC will continue to scrutinise the progress of the Conditions very carefully.

HCRC thanks you for your continuing support and interest.

Congratulations to Historic Royal Palaces

After three decades, residents and visitors can once again view the magnificence of Hampton Court Palace across the Thames, unobstructed by the shabby remains of derelict development land, known as the ‘Jolly Boatman’ outside Hampton Court Station.

Historic Royal Palaces has maintained pressure on Gladedale Homes, owner of the ‘Boatman’, to reach a mutually agreed way to improve the shameful condition of this building site. With vigourous local, national and international support, HRP’s dogged efforts to ‘makeover’ the site have been rewarded, just in time for its prestigious Olympic spotlight. The transformation is astonishing and harmonises with HRP’s major enhancements of the wider heritage landscape.

On behalf of its thousands of supporters, HCRC would like to use this opportunity to thank the Trustees, Directors and Staff of Historic Royal Palaces for their commitment, stewardship and of course, their funding of this much needed improvement. This is a temporary commitment, which will sadly be withdrawn at the end of 2012 to make way for Gladedale to commence development of the site in 2013. However, we are all profoundly grateful for this short term reprieve.

As for Gladedale’s Planning Application, this will achieve full compliance only when each of 56 mandatory conditions are fully approved. You will be pleased to know that HCRC is monitoring this carefully, and it already expects contention, obstacles and disagreement throughout the process. It must continue to do this because the future of this historic site is so important to us all.

HCRC warmly appreciates your kind messages which we are pleased to redirect to the Directors of Historic Royal Palaces.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mary Brook, HCRC Communications

Jubilee Fund Application For Friends of Molesey Library

The Friends of Molesey Library are seeking funding to support the ongoing efforts of everyone involved. In particular they would like to see a donation to help in the following areas.

  • To improve communication and information for all user groups within the Molesey area in the following ways e.g: signage, artwork, posters, bookmarks.

  • To organise a competition for local artists to provide some artwork e.g. mosaic or similar.(contact RC Sherriff Trust. Case House. Walton-on-Thames)

  • To investigate the existing site and improve the facilities for the community.

  • Friends of Molesey Library

    The Friends of Molesey Library need help in showing why our community would need any funds and are requesting that people can pledge their support for the scheme by writing to Voluntary Sector Support Officer.

    Send in your comments on the applications received for the Jubilee Fund in writing. You need to answer the following -

    Which project you wish to comment on, (Friends of Molesey Library)
    Explain why the proposed project would make a valuable difference to you/your community,
    What do you think would happen to the organisation and/or people if this project did not get any funding,
    Please provide your post code.

    Please send your comments to Gail McKenzie, Voluntary Sector Support Officer, Community Support Services, Elmbridge Borough Council, Civic Offices, High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9SD

    These hand written comments must be received by 9 a.m. on 15th May.

    Post Election Analysis

    The Bar Chart shows exactly where it all went wrong from the Monster Raving Loony Party.

      The Poyntz Arms
      Messy night at the Victory Party 
    The Albion
      One of my favourites
    Prince of Wales
      Hampton Court
    The Grey Horse
      Kingston Upon Thames  
    Sandown Park Sports Bar
      Almost missed the results

    Using our Pie Chart below it quickly visualises what has happened during the election.

    Fray Bentos Chicken & Mushroom Pie Chicken & Mushroom Pie
    Fray Bentos has had it in the can for many years and there is no change for this election.
    Pork Pie Pork Pie
    Most politicians are full of Pork Pies, however not popular with Muslim voters.
    Weight Watchers Ocean Pie Ocean Pie
    Weight Watchers policy in reduced fat, reduced sugar and reduced salt is too much cuts for most.
    Mince Pie Mince Pie
    Popularity for for the Mince Pie is very seasonal and has limited popularity over the last few weeks.
    Cottage Pie Cottage Pie
    The Cottage Pie has droped by 30% as it has reached it sell by date.
    Apple Pie Apple Pie
    Does well but loses core voters. Mr Kipling does make exceedingly good cakes.

    Results Published Here First

    We will have the results published here first, before any other news agency or website.

    Monster Raving Loony Badger 1
    Conservatives Bax, Steve 807
    Monster Raving Loony Bone 13
    Monster Raving Loony Chinners 21
    Molesey Residents Association Cooper, Nigel 914
    Monster Raving Loony Crazy Dave 4
    Labour Griffin, Ben 101
    Monster Raving Loony Large 2
    Monster Raving Loony Monkey (The Drummer) 3
    Monster Raving Loony Pea Gee Tipps 5
    Monster Raving Loony Scunny 3
    Monster Raving Loony SMFMusic Lab 5

    The Loonys take a massive 2.83% of the Molesey East Vote.

    At The Count, Sandown Park

    All Loony Candidates standing in Molesey East have votes in 2012 election.

    The Loony Party continues in the ToteSport Bar
    The Loony Party continues in the ToteSport Bar (23:41)

    Emptying The Ballot Box
    Emptying The Ballot Box (23:30)

    Molesey East Counters
    Molesey East Counters. (23:30)

    The long, long ballot form
    The long,long,long ballot form. (23:30)

    The Count
    The count underway. (22:56)

    How To Vote

    1. Visit Polling Station before 10pm.
    2. Follow the instructions on the ballot paper to cast your vote. DO NOT SPOIL YOUR VOTE! - You can not treat your ballot paper out on a date.
    3. Put the completed ballot paper in the ballet box.
    4. Go home and have a cup of tea.
    5. Keep an eye on this website to find out who won.

    Newspaper gives more column inches to Monster Raving Loony Party

    The website http://www.getsurrey.co.uk which is published by S&B Media who also publish in print The Surrey Advertiser and Surrey Herald have gievn greater prominence to us.

    The Monster Raving Loony Party on GetSurrey.co.uk website

    They have detailed parties standing in the election together with a photo, out of all the parties The Monster Raving Loony Party comes out with the biggest column inches, and all this without any of the ongoings under investigation of the Leveson Inquiry.

    Party Column Inch Percent
    Monster Raving Loony Monster Raving Loony Party 6.85 inch 25.6%
    UKIP UK Independence Party 6.8 inch 25.4%
    Residents' Group 3.75 inch 14.0%
    Liberal Democrats Liberal Democrats 3.25 inch 12.1%
    Conservatives Conservatives 2.8 inch 10.5%
    Labour Labour 2.7 inch 10.1%
    Independent 0.6 inch 2.2%

    We believe this outcome could be realised tomorrow at the count. See for yourself the article and make up your own opinion, but please do vote.

    Monster Raving Loony Party Tops The Pole

    With the end in sight, only days left before the election The Monster Raving Loony Party Tops The Pole.

    The Monster Raving Loony Party Tops The Pole

    The landlord of the puclic house The Poyntz Arms commented "With the amount of alcohol consumed by the candidates we had our concerns that they could achieve the erection, however they proved everyone wrong." Other parties flaged behind.

    Jolly Good News

    At long last, some excellent news for the 'Jolly Boatman'.

    Hampton Court Rescue Campaign has reported that Gladedale, the owner/developer of the 'Jolly Boatman', has accepted the offer made by Historic Royal Palaces to landscape the site in preparation for the long list of prestigious 2012 events. This decision will be enthusiastically welcomed by residents from all across our Borough, not to mention the anticipated thousands of spectators and visitors coming to Hampton Court Palace this summer for the Games and Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

    Vote Loony Flower Display

    Hampton Court Rescue Campaign has strongly lobbied Elmbridge Council since February when the Historic Royal Palaces offer was originally made and supporters are warmly thanked for adding their many voices, in helping to achieve this outstanding result.

    Press Launch 2012

    Today, Monday 23 April we had our Press Call at Sandown Park Race Course, a fitting venue as our friends at William Hill know the sporting venue so well.

    Monster Raving Loony Party candidates for Molesey East Ward

    We provided members of the press with copies of our Manicfesto for 2012, and we are so prepared for this election with a record breaking 9 candidates standing in the Molesey East election this May, we have done some forward thinking and managed to come up with a manifesto for the year 2512, so we have a clear direction for the party.

    The Nominations Are In!

    The nominated person up for the Molesey East Ward are:

    Monster Raving Loony Badger
    Conservatives Bax, Steve
    Monster Raving Loony Bone
    Monster Raving Loony Chinners
    Molesey Residents Association Cooper, Nigel
    Monster Raving Loony Crazy Dave
    Labour Griffin, Ben
    Monster Raving Loony Large
    Monster Raving Loony Monkey (The Drummer)
    Monster Raving Loony Pea Gee Tipps
    Monster Raving Loony Scunny
    Monster Raving Loony SMFMusic Lab

    The Loony Lineup

    Aiming for the world record of most candidates from the same party competing at a single election.

    Monster Raving Loony Badger Badger – Has lived in various parts of Elmbridge for over 35 years, He has been a member of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party for nearly 15 years. His main policies include advocating the return of Hunting with hounds but only if the stakes are on a level playing field with one hound per fox. Residents of Walton will, upon settling down to sleep, be required to call out to their neighbours "Night John-boy, Mary-Ellen, Jim-bob" etc to promote good neighbourhood values.
    Monster Raving Loony Bone Bone – Quite frankly even our own party is concerned about this candidate. His liking for hugging strangers legs in public houses is quite disconcerting. In the interests of democracy we feel it is only right to reveal that his policies include rubbing the owners nose in any foul secreted on our footpaths and parks. We do not wish to comment further on any of this candidates policies.
    Monster Raving Loony Chinners Chinners Chinners Twitter Account@Chinners2 – A member of the party for nearly 25 year and has lived in Molesey for over 15 of those. He has contested 2 General and 7 local elections in this time. To date he has kept his policy of putting a live band in Molesey pubs every week for the last 11 years. To curb the rising Anti social behaviour he proposes to resurrect the old pastime of the Stocks. These will be set up in all local parks and will have a wheelie bin full of ripened tomatoes, supplied by local farmers and allotment owners. Duration in the stock will depend upon the crime committed, for example graffiti vandalism will be 5 hours. Stocks were used in medieval times to curb the anti social behaver's of the time. He will invoke the Act of 1405, which is still on statute books today, whereby a Village will be downgraded to a mere hamlet, should there not be any public stocks.
    Monster Raving Loony Crazy Dave Crazy Dave – Freely admits that he is contesting this election, like others, purely to climb the social greasy pole. As Sutch, the party has agreed for his band to perform at it’s Victory Party in the Elmbridge HQ, The Poyntz Arms, on May 2nd. He has been a member of the party for 5 weeks and we feel that he is using us. The Boat Race : The course will be extended so that the crews have to navigate Molesey Lock. Obviously this may harm their race times so he proposes to aid them by reversing the flow of the River Thames. He will also investigate why the same two teams seem to reach the final every year.
    Monster Raving Loony Large Large – A true Molesey man having lived there all his life. He wishes to tackle binge drinking by introducing 32 hour a day licensing laws. He pledges to reduce class sizes by making the pupils sit closer to one another and issuing them with smaller desks. Any Councillor who advocates selling off a school playing field for development will be required to relinquish their own back garden as a replacement sports facility for the school. His Manicfesto also includes: Banks will be charged for looking after overdrafts, He will issue a 99p coin to save on change. He will not allow the Official Monster Raving Loony Party to join the single European currency. He will instead invite all Europeans countries to JOIN THE POUND.
    Monster Raving Loony Monkey The Drummer Monkey (The Drummer) – A party stalwart for nearly 10 years he has contested 1 General Election and 3 Local Elections. Should he be voted in as Councillor he plans to bring his own seat …. His drum stool. He plans to increase the red squirrel population by capturing some of the grey ones and painting them with red gloss paint, everyone knows that an animal with a shinny coat is a healthy animal. It will become an illegal offence to support Manchester United whilst living in Elmbridge.
    Monster Raving Loony Pea Gee Tipps Pea Gee Tipps Pea Gee Tipps Twitter Account@PGTipps72 – This fella is an delightful as the proverbial cup of Earl Grey. He has a 17 point plan to win this Election.

    1. Always try and read the opposing political person's mind. Never wait until the other person (or country) explains itself. If that fails, try the Ouija board.
    2. Never give the other side the benefit of the doubt.
    3. Always jump to conclusions.
    4. What you say is what you mean, even if that isn't so.
    5. Change your mind randomly and without notice.
    6. When all else fails, do not respond at all.
    7. There are two possible meanings to everything, if in doubt, explain that they took it the wrong way.
    8. Launch a public relations campaign disputing your opponent.
    9. Predict dire economic consequences, and ignore the cost benefits.
    10. Find and pay a respected scientists to argue persuasively against incumbent government environmental policies.
    11. Use non-peer reviewed scientific publications or industry-funded scientists who don't publish original peer- reviewed scientific work to support your point of view on matters of public health and environment.
    12. Trumpet discredited scientific studies and myths supporting your points of view as scientific fact.
    13. Point to the substantial scientific uncertainty, and the certainty of economic loss if immediate action is taken with respect to problems.
    14. Use data from a local area to support your views, and ignore the global evidence.
    15. Disparage scientists, saying they are playing up uncertain predictions of doom in order to get research funding when encountering global warming issues.
    16. Complain that it is unfair to require regulatory action in Britain, as it would put the nation at an economic disadvantage.
    17. Claim that more research is needed before action should be taken on things to do with public Health and Safety
    Monster Raving Loony Scunny – Plans to introduce Spacehopper lanes instead of bus lanes and only paint yellow lines on Elmbridge roads where motorists CAN park thus saving taxpayers a fortune in paint costs. In addition he proposes to provide more car parking meters near the shopping areas and car parks and will set the charge of usage to £1. Shoppers who use these meters will then be able to claim a complete refund within 21 days, provided they supply a receipt from the local shops showing that they spent more than £10. Local residents may apply for an annual pass which will only cost £12, but to qualify for this low cost pass, the cost needs to be paid in halfpenny pieces.
    Monster Raving Loony SMFMusic Lab SMFMusic LabSmfMusic Lab Facebook AccountSmfMusic Lab - Decided to stand at this election under duress and a weak moment in the local Loony HQ. He has lived in Molesey all his life and his policies include abolishing Income Tax. It was started in order to finance the Napoleonic war in 1799 and he now believes that the time is right to announce the cessation of hostilities with Napoleon. There will be the chance for residents to not pay any Council Tax by challenging the Mayor of Elmbridge to a game of Scissors/Paper/Stone. Should they win (best of 3) then no tax will be payable for that year however should they lose to the Mayor then the charge will be doubled.

    Your Local Needs You!

    Fancy standing for the Local Council Elections in May?

    Did you know that not only is it your democratic right to vote, it's also your democratic right to be voted for!!

    The Official Monster Raving Loony Party have decided, after extensive investigation, to field as many candidates as possible at the forthcoming Local Council Elections on Thursday 3rd May 2012. ALL in the same ward!! (probably Molesey East) There is a very good chance, if we get enough volunteers, that this will get recognised in the Guinness book of Records as well as being ‘a jolly good laugh’.

    Local Needs You - Fancy standing for the Local Council Elections in May?

    Key points before deciding:

    1) You must live/work in Elmbridge for the last 12 months.
    2) You will need to find a couple of quid to cover registration costs/Election Rules.
    3) You will not need to worry about completing the extensive paperwork as this will be dealt with by Party Officials and we estimate that no more than half an hour of your time will be need for any paperwork sign off.
    4) You will be required to attend the ‘Victory Party’ in the Elmbridge HQ – The Poyntz Arms on Wed 2nd May and the count on May 3rd at Sandown Racecourse.
    5) Lets put Elmbridge, Molesey & The Poyntz Arms on the National and World map!!
    6) You will have fun.

    Please see Chinners in Poyntz (Friday evenings) or Monkey the Drummer for more information or to answer any questions that you may have BEFORE 20th March 2012.


    Hampton Court Rescue Campaign Update

    Last week the BBC broadcast an interview with the Hampton Court Rescue Campaign. HCRC was asked to comment on why Hampton Court Palace has had to resort to offering a makeover to the 'Jolly Boatman' site in Elmbridge, a strategic Olympic location at the gateway to Surrey, but known today as the 'blot on the landscape'.

    HCRC spokesman, Ray Townsend explains

    Hampton Court Rescue Campaign

    HCRC can now confirm that Keith Garner, with unshakable resolve, is to press his case against Elmbridge Borough Council to the highest level, the Supreme Court of Appeal. Given the sensitivity of the historic riverside setting of Hampton Court Palace, his legal team will continue undaunted with its legal challenge of Elmbridge's misguided approval of the monstrous redevelopment plans for the Tudor Palace site.

    His case focuses on EBC's failure to comply with obligations laid down in the Planning Act that advocate paying 'special regard to the desirability of preserving the building or its setting, or any features of special architectural and historic interest'. Courageous Mr Garner expects that his leave to appeal will be heard in October.

    Recent remarks made by the Leader of the Council, blamed those opposed to the scheme for having forced the Borough to unnecessarily spend £90K of its budget on legal bills. In fact, EBC spent a portion of this money unsuccessfully defending itself against the decision by the Government's Information Commissioner to release to the public, previously withheld secret financial documents. That said, HCRC maintains that if it takes £90K to overturn this badly-handled, ill-judged planning decision and rid Elmbridge of this eyesore of a scheme at Hampton Court, then it is money well spent.

    However, it is clear that the case cannot continue without more financial assistance from supporters and residents. Keith regretfully reports "the appeal depends on us raising further funding as our war chest is now depleted."

    HCRC works tirelessly to deliver funding, but more is needed.

    Do we allow this huge development to go ahead, with the permanent loss of the precious heritage setting at Hampton Court Palace, enduring the traffic chaos, the impact on our local communities and increased flood risk, OR DO WE STOP IT? Please, support our efforts to oppose this development.

    HCRC sees Keith’s sustained court case, the withdrawal of the Royal Star and Garter Home from the joint venture, and a recession-hit housing industry, as the perfect climate for EBC to reconsider, collaboratively, its plans for the riverside site, especially under the spotlight of 2012.

    To help raise funds to preserve and safeguard the future of our treasured listed monument and its historic landscape.

    Your most welcome contributions can be made payable and sent to the
    “Hampton Court Rescue Campaign”
    HCRC, c/o The Lodge, 29, Palace Road, East Molesey, KT8 9DJ

    or by electronic transfer to:

    Hampton Court Rescue Campaign Account
    HSBC Bank, 34 High Street, Walton on Thames, Surrey. KT12 1DD
    Sort Code 40-45-22 Account Number 31507893

    HCRC thanks you for your continuing support and generosity, and your donation is hugely appreciated.

    Mary Brook
    HCRC Communications

    OMRLP Conference 2011 - The Links Hotel, Fleet!

    OMRLP Conference 2011 - The Links Hotel, Fleet

    Chinners, Official Monster Raving Loony Party comes 3rd!

    Beaten only by the Molesey Residents Association and only 522 votes behind the Conservatives!

    With more votes than Labour and the Liberal Democrats put together!

    If the turnout had been higher it could have been possible for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party to be elected! Must try harder next time, it's within our grasp!

    Declared 06 May 2011 at 03:54


    Mews Of The World

    Mews Of The World

    Download the first edition of the Loony Paper Mews Of The World.
    Keep up to date with the Mews Of The World Blog

    Official Monster Raving Loony Party

    The Official Monster Raving Loony Party

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    Official Portrait

    Official Portrait

    Unveiled - The Official Portrait of our leader Alan Hope.

    2010 Election Results

    Check the Official Monster Raving Loony Party results for the 2010 elections.

    Loony Conference 2010

    Adam Ant with WHAT'S NEXT BAND (Shakin All Over)

    Chinners with WHAT'S NEXT BAND (Teenage Kicks)

    WHAT'S NEXT BAND (Monster Mistake)

    Esher & Walton Election Result

    Esher & Walton 2010 Election Results

    Gordon Brown "That was a disaster. Should never have put me with that woman -- whose idea was that? She was just a sort of bigoted woman."
    Wed 28 Apr 2010
    David Cameron "The public are rightly, I think, pissed off - sorry I can't say that in the morning - angry with politicians."
    Wed 29 Jul 2009
    Nick Clegg "How much is the State Pension? I think it's about 30 quid now, isn't it?"
    Tue 16 Sep 2008

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    Published by Mr J.Chinnery 276 Eastcote Avenue West Molesey, Surrey on behalf of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party www.loonyparty.com